• The Basics

    Learn the basics of the config.xml, and why you want to use it.
  • Preferences

    Configure your application even further with our Preference tags.
  • Config File Elements

    Customize your Android Manifest or iOS Property List beyond our provided preference tags.
  • Icons and Splash Screens

    Add icons and splash screens to your application.
  • Custom URL Schemes

    Register and launch your application using a custom url scheme.
  • Features

    Enable application permissions by using our feature tags.
  • Plugins

    Extend the PhoneGap API by using plugins.
  • Whitelisting

    Enable/Disable network connections in your application.


  • iOS Signing

    Learn how to sign your iOS application on Build.
  • Android Signing

    Learn how to sign your Android application on Build.
  • Windows Signing

    Learn how to sign your Windows 10 and Windows Phone application on Build.



Developer Resources

  • Contributing Plugins

    have a plugin you want to share with the phonegap build community? learn how to submit your plugin.
  • PhoneGap Build Developer API

    Integrate Build with your tool chain and workflow by using our restful API implementation.